Title: Hardwired and The House at the End of the Road         
Competition: Short Fiction Competition        
Date Entered: 30th March 2014    
Date Closes: 31st March 2014 (should hear back from them in June/July)   
Progress: Sent.        
Cost: £10        
Prize: £500 + publication, £100

Title: Decaying Art            
Competition: Word Hut       
Date Entered: 14th May 2013       
Date Closes: 19th May 2013   
Status: Never heard about it again.
Cost: £4
Prize: £60, £30, £15

Title: Delirium           
Competition: Fiction Desk Ghost Story Competition        
Date Entered: 14th May 2013        
Date Closes: 31st May 2013       
Status: Rejected. Wasn't even shortlisted. September 2013.   
Cost: £6       
Prize: £500, £100 published in Anthology

Title: Hardwired           
Competition: Starburst Magazine        
Date Entered: 14th May 2013        
Date Closes: Open        
Status: Never heard about it again.    
Cost: Free       
Prize: Published in magazine

Title: The Heathcliff Curse        
Competition: Dark Tales Contest        
Date Entered: 14th May 2013        
Date Closes: 31st May 2013       
Progress: Rejected September 2013. Oh well.       
Cost: £5       
Prize: £250, £50, £25

Title: Giant Death & Constanze Poems
Competition: Festival of Poetry         
Date Entered: April 2013      
Date Closes: 14th June 2013       
Progress: Constanze made it into the anthology but it involved paying money to be published, so I'm a bit iffy to what happened there. July 2013.    
Cost: Free       
Prize: £100 and best published

Title: Surrealhabilitation & Mark Desade’s Misfortune of Curiosity           
Competition: Short Fiction Competition        
Date Entered: March 2013    
Date Closes: July/August 2013       
Progress: Did not win, but got the anthology of the winners.       
Cost: £10        
Prize: £500, £100

Title: The Heathcliff Curse           
Competition: Starburst Magazine         
Date Entered: March 2013        
Date Closes: Open       
Progress: Rejected April 2013. Not original enough, apparently there were a lot of ghost stories submitted.        
Cost: Free       
Prize: Published in magazine

Title: The House at the End of the Road          
Competition: Myslexia          
Date Entered: March 2013        
Date Closes: 14th May 2013    
Progress: Rejected May 2013. It just didn't win.        
Cost: £10       
Prize: ?

Title: Sci-Fi Poetry Collection        
Competition: Poets in the Spotlight        
Date Entered: February 2013        
Date Closes: 26th April 2013
Progress: Out of three poems sent, one was accepted into Anthology.  
Cost: Free       
Prize: £100 and best published

Title: The Diary of Lucy Van Helsing       
Competition: BBC Radio Four Extra Opening Lines       
Date Entered: December 2012       
Date Closes: April 2013
Progress: Longlisted April 2013. Rejected May 2013. But it still made it to the top 65 so I'm happy.      Cost: Free       
Prize: Performed on radio

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