Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fantasy Maps

So I've become a little carried away with map drawing, but I guess it does help with setting. I know my fantasy kingdom like the back of my hand now!

First there is the Province of Kardenia, which I have posted before.

Then there is the Kingdom of Adruhal, which is where Princess Prudence lives. The place now has a little more character. The Lerrnayin Mountains are off limits, over the other side of them is the Desert Lands where lots of dangerous people live. The Maranya is a dry hot place where not much grows and not many people venture. The few people that do live there are patrolling the boarder, protecting the kingdom from attack. Most of the people of Adruhal live in the capital though there are few settlements around the rest of the kingdom. The Adruhal farmlands are vast and very prosperous, and the farmers are happy. Princess Prudence likes to ride out of the capital and through the Welvarend Woods sometimes, but her Dad warns her not to go too far.

And finally, a detailed map of the Capital. You'll notice a cathedral and a grassy areas. Next to the cathedral are all the richer, upper class houses. The East side of the city is where the more lower class people live, but they're still happy. The street down the middle is Main Street where all the shops are. It's also where all the festivals and parades are held. The royals can look across the square from the castle, this is where they address the people. The castle was its own stables, which can be seen on the West side.

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