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Character Profile Sheet - Tobias

I have no idea what to write at the moment. I am completely stuck. So I decided I would do another character profile in hopes that it would get the creative juices flowing. This is just a rough idea of how one of my characters might be like.

Name: Tobias of the Raksaka Tribe.

Age: 17

Birthplace: The Raksaka Settlements.

Marital Status: I am not married. The men of the Raksaka tribe do not marry, but instead take on women to bear their children.

Children & Ages: I do not have any children. It is unlikely that I shall have any children as I would have to choose a woman, and none of the females in my tribe appeal to me. I would not want inflict that misery on anyone, either.

General Appearance (Height, Hair & Eye Colour): My head used to be shaven when I lived in the Desert Lands, but since moving to Minadril I have grown my hair out, as it is rare to see a shaven head in the Western lands. I have dark eyes and skin, and this makes me stand out in Mindaril as most of the people there have very fair complexions. I am about 6 foot tall - the Desert Lands do not produce small, weak children. If they look like they will be runts, the children are left in the desert. Sometimes a person may take pity on the child and leave them on the Adruhal or Helmriche boarders. But that is very rare.

What do they sound like: I have long since lost my Raksaka accent as I have lived in Mindaril for many years. I took on their accent very quickly as I did not want to stand out too much. My dark skin and hair was already a problem.

Typical Outfit: In the Desert Lands I used to wear thin clothing as the heat was unbearable. But here in Minadril I wear expensive tunics, often with the Boar's head embroidered on the chest.

Where do they live (City, Countryside): I used to live in a small hut in the south of the Desert Lands, my tribe was known as the Raksaka. Now I live in the kingdom of Mindaril and have for three years.

Living Arrangements (House, Shared, Rented): I live in the Palace and share a bedchamber with seven other royal guards. I have my own bed, with a trunk for possessions. But I don't have many.

Who do they love: I do not love anybody. My tribe viewed love as a weakness and did not encourage it.

What is their home like: My home was a dreadful place. I despised the dry desert from an early age and wanted to leave as soon as possible. My tribe consisted of around thirty huts made from wood, grasses, stone, and mud. The Lerrnayin Mountains that surrounded our tribe meant it was almost impossible to get to the Abhainn River on the other side. It was torture having water so close and yet so far. Sandstorms were a regular occurrence and last for many hours. They destroyed our homes and what little farmland we had managed to grow. During sandstorms it was best to stay indoors, a bad storm could easily blind you, or tear your skin off.
Many times knights from Adruhal and Helmriche invaded our tribe, claiming the men had attacked their boarders or stolen from their lands. Usually, they had and many of them were taken away as prisoners. The tribesmen hated the knights and especially the royal families. They thought that it was unfair that they should have the rich, prosperous lands, while we rotted in the desert. They firmly believed that our ancestors had been cheated out of what was rightfully theirs.

How do they get around: In the Desert Lands you had to walk, but there were not many places you would want to go anyway. Horses did not often survive the desert. However, now I am in Minadril I have my own horse, Kale.

Occupation: I am the Prince's royal guard.

Degree of skill at occupation: I believe I am very good at it, he has not come to harm in the three years I have been with him.

How does the character feel about their occupation: It is a ruse. I am to wait until orders are given. Then I am to kill him.

Family background: I was raised by my father. My mother died during labour. Yet the women were only chosen to bear children, not for love, so my father was not sad. He was angered at her death though, as it proved that she was weak and he feared I would be weak, too. As I grew up I strove to show him otherwise but he was uninterested. He was moody and temperamental, he often shouted and tried to beat me. I sometimes wondered if he did actually love my mother and was angry that I killed her.
When I was thirteen I was recruited by the tribe leaders with the other boys from the tribe. They trained us as to be assassins. They told us that the royals were the enemies. They told us that when the time was right we would kill every last one of them. The leaders were lazy men, thirsty for the royal's blood. I only joined to show my father I was a man. He did not care. I was glad to be sent away to Minadril. I was only fourteen. When I left I vowed that I would make my father proud one day.

Names (Nicknames, work name, parent names): I am simply Tobias, I have left my tribe now. Many of the people at Minadril call me Guard. I respond to any name I am given and do as I am told.

What would you find in the pocket/handbag: I do not carry a bag. I only have a belt, which has my blade on it. I carry it around with me at all times. Inside my boot is hidden a knife that would go undetected if I were to be captured. When I go riding, or am guarding the prince I also have a sword. I keep my more personal belongings in my chest; I have the clothes I wore when I arrived at Minadril, they are my last ties to Raksaka. At the bottom of the chest is the only thing I have of my mother's. I found it in the hut when I was younger and took it for myself. It is a simple necklace, made from the seeds of the Kushca tree, one of the only trees that grow in the Desert Lands.

Do they have a best friend or someone they can confide in: I do not have many friends at the Palace. I do not wish to have them; they would only make my task harder. I am not friends with the prince. I find him weak, insufferable, and pathetic. I often think that I do not need to kill him, he will die soon enough by himself.

Did they have a happy childhood: No. I was neglected and beaten. I despised my father and he despised me.

What were they like in their childhood: I was quite and reclusive. I did not wish to interact with the rest of my people. My father would find any excuse to beat me so I avoided him at all cost. If I could make him proud now it would all be worth it.

Have they lost anything important to them: I suppose I lost my mother, but I did not know her at all. Some nights I do miss the idea of her, though. Maybe if she had lived she would not have let me controlled by the tribe leaders.

What is the thing that worries them most: I worry that if I fail my task I shall be exiled, or worse killed.

What is most important to them: I want my father to acknowledge my existence, to be proud. Sometimes I doubt whether it really matters. If I kill any of the royals he probably will not even care; all he cares about is lying around in the shade, occasionally throwing stones at the pathetic goats we keep.

Has their heart ever been broken: No. Never.

When were they happiest: Truthfully, I was happy when I left Raksaka. Being a guard at the Palace is a fulfilling job, I almost hope that the order to kill will never come.

Favourite food: Anything that is not covered in sand.

Favourite colour: Colour is not that important to me.

Hobbies: I like practising my swordsmanship and riding Kale. Mostly I have to follow the prince around so do not have time for hobbies.

Pets: At Raksaka we had goats, they were emancipated and scrawny and never produced milk. I felt sorry for them and thought they would be better off dead. Now I have Kale. I suppose he is my only friend here.

What do they hate most: Unlike the rest of my tribe I do not hate the royals. I am indifferent to them. But, the royals must do what is best for their kingdom, I must do what is best for my tribe. If it comes down to killing one of them I will. However, I do hate that my tribe have become mindless wasters. We deserve to live in the Desert Lands, we would only ruin these beautiful countries.

What are their obsessions: I do not have time for obsessions.

Do they have an ambition: Only to make my father proud.

What do they dream about: I have dreams where I am born to a happy family in Minadril. I wake up feeling disappointed and guilty.

What are their secrets: My greatest secret is being an assassin. If the royals of Minadril were to find out I would be executed. If I escaped Minadril, but failed in my mission, my tribesmen would not be any more welcoming. Then again, if my people found out that I did not truly believe their ideals they would also desert me.

Do they believe in religion or life after death: I believe that after death you are dead. I would like more for my mother, but that is the way it is.

Do they get on with other people or avoid them: I avoid them. I do not want to get close to people in case they discover who I am and where I come from. I am close to the prince but we rarely talk about personal things, he complains mostly. 

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