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Character Profile Sheet - Princess Prudence

I've been doing a lot about character lately, I had to do it in Creative Voice and in Fiction for Children. Today we had to walk around class and introduce ourselves as one of our characters. (It's a little bit embarrassing as everyone was doing fantasy and their characters had some really weird names so I had to ask them if they were a boy or girl!) This is supposed to help you really get to know your character, as is writing letters from them, dressing up like them, or doing some of the things they do. I would definitely encourage you to fill out this list before you start writing anything as knowing your character well instantly makes your story more magical. Right now I'm going to fill out this list as if I was the character from my new novel idea, Royalteen.

Name: Princess Prudence

Age: 15 but nearly 16.

Birthplace: The Kingdom of Adruhal, you may have heard of it, it's one of the biggest kingdoms in the Province of Kardenia.

Marital Status: Not married, though my parents have arranged a marriage for me! And to the Pimply Prince no less! Talk about unfair!

Children & Ages: No children yet, thank goodness!

General Appearance (Height, Hair & Eye Colour): Long, straight auburn hair, looks great when it's styled but is a pain when I go horse riding. My eyes are practically violet, it's a trait from the Esteria royal family (my Mum was a Princess there before she married my Dad) and apparently it only happens to females. My Mum says my eyes are my best feature, but sometimes I feel a little freakish, though I would never say that to her! I am also pretty tall, I get that from my Dad's side, he's Adruhal born and bred. My Dad says it's a good to be tall, people will take you more seriously and your enemies will be more frightened. But as a teenage girl it's just more embarrassing.

What do they sound like: I personally don't think I have an accent, but then again everyone says that. People from Helmriche really roll their r's and the people from Odinan rarely say their h's, but that's if they have a very strong accent. All I know is that my governess would go crazy if I didn't talk properly.

Typical Outfit: My dresses are all tailor made by the royal seamstress, she's nice but she doesn't half poke you full of pins if you annoy her. My Mum loves me wearing purple as she says the colour really brings out my eyes, but my Dad loves me wearing blue as that is our Kingdom's national colour. Personally, I don't care what colour I wear, though maybe not orange, that might clash with my hair a bit. What I would really like to wear is trousers. I'm never allowed to wear them even when I go riding as it's 'unlady-like'. It's so impractical.

Where do they live (City, Countryside): As I said before, I live in Adruhal in the castle. It's quite a small castle in comparison to Minadril but I think it's perfect. It's humble, not completely showoffy like some castles I could name. It's right on the East boundaries of Adruhal near the river, and you can see the mountains in the distance. It's also surrounded by fields and grassland, perfect to go riding in. However, there is also the Boarder. This is where our kingdom meets the Desert Lands and there are lots of fights around there, so there has to be a patrol day and night. Luckily, the mountains keep most of the Desertians out, but sometimes they get past the guards and cause trouble. Adruhal tends to be okay, it's Helmriche that gets the worst attacks.

Living Arrangements (House, Shared, Rented): I live in a castle with my Dad, Mum, and brother, Damien and hundreds of servants! There is never a quiet moment in a castle as there is always someone bustling about. The castle has been in our family for centuries and has only had minor work done to it. There was a battle between Helmriche and Adruhal when my Great-Great-Great Grandfather was king and the North side of the castle was destroyed, but all that animosity has passed now and the castle was restored. My Great-Great-Great Grandfather even had an astronomy tower put in, he really loved the stars.

Who do they love: At the moment nobody, but I can tell you now that I won't love Prince Percy. There is this one guy, I don't love him but my heart does tingle when I see him. He's called Raymund and he's a Knight. He has golden blond hair, eyes the colour of the ocean and his teeth are so white that I'm practically blinded when ever he smiles. He is the most handsome person I have ever met and he is so brave, too! He hasn't always been a Knight, he used to be a stable boy and look after all the other Knight's horses. One of the older Knights noticed how well he was looking after his horse and offered to teach him how to ride a horse properly, and even how to fight with a sword. Raymund was an orphan working and sleeping in the stables so having this older Knight look after him was great, he was like a father to him. Sadly, he passed away recently, but this only makes Raymund work harder at being the best Knight he can be. Isn't that just so sweet! So, he's big, strong, handsome, brave, caring, and is great with horses; what more could a girl want?!

What is their home like: Like I said, I live in the castle. My bedroom is on the third floor and faces East so I can see right over the countryside and on the horizon I can see the Desert Lands. I have a huge four poster bed and a handmade rug from Esteria that belonged to my Mum and her mum and her mum before that.

How do they get around: The perfect way to travel is by horse! I know a lot of people wouldn't agree with me, especially Damien, he hates horses, but I think it's the best. My horse is called Henoven, and I've had him since he was a new born pony. I was at the stables with my Dad when a mare gave birth. My Dad looked at the pony then at me, I must have been like 10 years old, and said that I was ready for my first horse. They say if you own a horse from the day it is born you will have a bond like no other. I definitely think that's true; Henoven knows me better than anyone else in the world and he can always cheer me up by just being there.

Occupation: I guess this means Princess, not that I really have the choice. I may want to be a maid, or a governess or even a knight but I wouldn't be allowed.

Degree of skill at occupation: So am I good Princess or not? Well, my governess would say no, I'm not and I have a lot of work to do. Personally, I don't think I'm that bad. Okay, I can be a bit stroppy and not always do what I'm told, but surely as Princess I can do what I want and tell others what to do. Niether of my parents or my governess understand that. They just say 'you'll understand when you're older' or 'when you're Queen you can do what you want, but you'll realise what you want is what's best for your country and people'. Inspired.

How does the character feel about their occupation: Oh, I just answered that question really, didn't I? Well, to sum up, I feel that I could be the perfect Princess and the best Queen, but I'm just being held back. Either way I will be a better leader than Damien.

Family background: Okay, this is an interesting question. So there's my Dad, King Cedric. He's 38 years old and has been ruling as king for 17 years. In that time there have been no major wars or battles in Adruhal, though we have helped our neighbouring countries out a few times. When he talks in front of the people his voice is so loud and booming that I really have to refrain from covering my ears. He just oozes power and I hope to be like that one day. My Dad is tall as I mentioned before. He had auburn hair like me at one point, but it is much darker now and with lots of grey bits. His eyes are dark blue and if he's really angry they go black, it's kinda scary. When I was younger my Mum told me this happened because he was an evil sorcerer and I wasn't to anger him otherwise he would turn me into a toad. I don't believe that story any more but I still wouldn't want to annoy him!

My Mum's quite different from my Dad, he's all about looking big and being powerful whereas she's more quite and demure. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen before and I wish I looked more like her, only I get my looks from my Dad's side. She has long, luscious black hair, as dark as the night. She's quite short as I'm already taller than her, but when she stands next to my Dad she is the perfect height. The violet eyes suit my Mum a lot more, too, they could dazzle even the meanest of warlocks or the bitterest of witches. Dad once told me that he was uncertain about his arranged marriage (yeah they had one too!) as the people of Esteria are often weak willed and plain. But as soon as he saw my Mum he knew that she was neither weak willed or plain. She was only 15 and she was just as stubborn as I was about the idea of an arranged marriage, although she pretends otherwise now. Dad said that Mum refused to talk to him for the first week of her visit and then when she did talk to him it was to tell him that he was oafish and moronic and would never be a good king. Talk about insulting. But Dad wasn't at all insulted, he was overjoyed that his Esterian wife would be able to rule the country with him instead of just agreeing with everything he said. Since then my Mum has solved some major problems by just giving the troublemaker a sharp violet look and a good tongue lashing, as my Dad would say. He also says that if it wasn't for my Mum there would be a lot more fighting in the kingdom.

My little brother, on the hand, could cause fighting between the most peaceful of people. I think it's impossible for him not to tick me off. Just looking at his face angers me! He is two years younger than me and has been after the crown ever since he was born. It annoys him that I'm the heir to the throne even though I'm a girl. He think just because he's a boy he should be crowned. Nobody else seems to see this apart from me. Mum still treats him like a little baby and Dad just pats him on the head and tells him to play swords. I don't think Dad has time for us kids, he never played with us or anything, the time he gave me the horse was the best time we ever spent together. Maybe that's why Damien turned out to be the way he is. Damien looks more like Mum than Dad as well, he has the black hair and the fair skin, whereas I go as red as a strawberry if I spend too much time outdoors, not that I mind, but my governess goes mental. I also think Damien has the power to talk people over like Mum has. Not a literal power but he is much more persuasive than either me or Dad.

Names (Nicknames, work name, parent names): Everyone called me Princess, or Your Highness. Mum has a habit of calling me and Damien dears. Dad in his occasional paternal moments calls me Pru. I like Pru the most.

What would you find in the pocket/handbag: My dresses don't have pockets, and I rarely carry a handbag, if I go out I always have a handmaid or guard to carry it for me. However, I do have a few special items that I keep safe. Like I have a necklace that my Grandmother gave to me before she died. She was from Esteria and only visited once. It was when I was younger and I was so thrilled to be given such a beautiful necklace. I kept it a secret though because I knew Damien would be jealous and steal it. It had a delicate silver chain with a diamond encrusted half moon, the symbol of Esteria, dangling from it. Grandmother made me promise to wear it on my wedding day just as she did. I will wear it, just as long as I don't marry Prince Percy.

Do they have a best friend or someone they can confide in: I suppose I do confide in Henoven even if he can't understand me. I used to tell my Mum a lot, but not so much any more. Being a Princess also means having no best friends. It sounds silly but no one wants to be friends with me. They always keep me at a distance as if they're scared I'll yell at them and have them beheaded. I used to have a best friend, Cathie, she was the daughter of one of the castle maids. We grew up together and we never did anything without the other. But then I started princess lessons. I had to act more like a princess. I was never able to play any more and Cathie started to resent me. I got everything she ever wanted. I got nice dresses while she got maids clothes. I got to go to royal balls and banquets. She had to clean up after them. In the end, she stopped talking to me. Instead she just talks about me. She's changed a lot and I would never confide in her again. I guess I'm a pretty big loner really. That's sad.

Did they have a happy childhood: Apart from all that stuff I was pretty happy. I didn't like princess lessons very much, and I had some pretty terrible governesses, but I got to do anything I wanted. It certainly got a lot better once I was given Henoven and my most recent governess.

What were they like in their childhood: I wasn't a really naughty child or anything, maybe a tiny bit spoilt. I used to play nice with my brother until he turned into a creep.

Have they lost anything important to them: I don't think I have lost anything. I was dreadfully upset when my Grandparent's died. I suppose when Cathie stopped talking to me I was pretty upset, too. I guess I've lived a rather good life, after all.

What is the thing that worries them most: I confess I'm not as confident at my royal abilities as I make out to be. I am very worried that I'll be an awful Queen. I haven't told anyone else this before but I'm genuinely scared. My Mum and Dad are so good, I don't want to mess up everything they've achieved. I also want to prove to Damien that I will be a better ruler than he would ever be.

What is most important to them: The most important things are my parents, my country and Henoven. A short but sweet answer.

Has their heart ever been broken: Not yet, and now it's unlikely I ever will if I have to marry Prince Percy.

When were they happiest: I've had a happy life so it's hard to pick out one particular happy time for me. I remember being happy when I was told I was going to have a younger brother, I don't feel that way now.

Favourite food: I adore beef. It's not a very feminine food, but I just love it. My Dad gives me a hearty clap on the back every time I finish a steak, while Damien picks at his - he says it's always too bloody for his tastes.

Favourite colour: I don't have a particular favourite. I like purple because it reminds me of my Mum's eyes. I like blue because it reminds me of my country.

Hobbies: I love reading, mainly about the history of my country. I love riding Henoven, especially in the fields and through the woods. It's so peaceful to read out in the country side with Henoven nibbling grass next to me. I do dabble in the princessy things too, like needlework and piano, though I can't say I'm any good at it and it drives my governess mad.

Pets: Just the obvious, Henoven. Although, I used to wish I had an exotic bird so I could send messages to friends in other kingdoms. But I'd have to get friends first.

What do they hate most: Short answer: Damien and arranged marriages. Maybe Cathie, but hate's a bit of a strong word.

What are their obsessions: I wouldn't say I was particularly obsessed with anything. I'm interested in things just the right amount.

Do they have an ambition: To be the best Queen. Or win a race on Henoven; he's pretty fast and I've seen the other horses run. We could so win.

What do they dream about: I'm one of those people who never remembers their dreams. I wish I did as there's a gypsy who comes to town every month who will interpret your dreams for two copper pieces.

What are their secrets: I'm not sure I have any, is that really sad?

Do they believe in religion or life after death: It is said that the royals never truly die but live on in the next generation, guiding them and helping them. I think it's a nice thought but I can't imagine any of my ancestors living inside of me!

Do they get on with other people or avoid them: I get on with them, I'm a Princess after all and I have to be gracious and kind. Though really they tend to avoid me.

That's my character profile of Prince Prudence, and I feel like I know her a whole lot better now. Does she sound interesting to you?

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