Monday, 26 March 2012

Doctor Who Convention - Matt Smith & Tom MacRae

I went to the Doctor Who Convention yesterday. It was thrilling for many reasons, but here are two in particular.

Here's number one:

That's right. I got to meet Matt Smith! If you didn't know he is the current Doctor of the popular TV show Doctor Who. If you didn't know this then shame on you, and go watch some episodes right now! I have never met a celebrity before so this was very exciting. Sadly we were in and out very quickly so I didn't get to savour the moment! However, we did see him again later in the day.

Here's the second reason: at the convention there was a talk by the crew, including writer Tom MacRae. He wrote the episode The Girl Who Waited which had a lot more to it that I had originally thought. I admit, it wasn't one of my favourites but now I really want to watch it again! Tom MacRae was charasmatic and funny, he had some interesting insights into writing. I felt really inspired to write after listening to him, and it made me want to share my Doctor Who ideas with him.
Personally, he was better than Steven Moffat who was also there. He didn't give away anything about his writing and didn't like to answer questions lest he give out spoilers! So typical! Though we saw him casually walking by during the convention. There were too many famous people than I could handle!
Anyway, Tom MacRae was doing autographs too but while we were in the queue he left, so regrettably, I did not get to meet him and tell him my own ideas or ask him any questions.

Overall, it was a great day and I wouldn't mind being in the TV business. It kind of makes me wish that I had picked the Writing for Mainstream Television module!

Oh by the way, you can't tell, but I am wearing a Dalek dress. I am too cool!

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  1. you are lucky i went to that convention to but i did not get a photo with Matt smith i got one with Karen Gillian but still it was amazing but i wish i had one with Matt smith x
    Amy Lloyd 14