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Character Profile Sheet - Maggie

Character Profile Sheets seem to be very popular at the moment and I did say I would do another one for a new character. So here is a character profile for my new character Maggie, not to be confused with Margaret Jones. I won't bother explaining her or her story as hopefully the profile will. I may make my own character profile as this one feels a bit lacking. I might combine the two that I already have. Some of the headings don't apply to some characters though; like Princess Prudence from Royalteen doesn't have a favourite TV programme as she doesn't even have a TV. I think I prefer my other character profile sheet, which can be found here. Anyway, enjoy finding out about my new character Maggie. 

Character's Name:
Maggie, short for Marjorie. It's a bit embarrassing.  
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: March 18th
Age: 16 going on 17
Marital Status: Single, always have been. But it doesn't really bother me. I think I'm going to be a career woman rather than a housewife.
Nationality: British, but my Dad is part French, hence the awful name.
Social Class: Probably working to middle, but Mum says class doesn't matter, it's just society trying to control us. Right.
Morals: Those are pretty hard to write down aren't they? I would say I am somewhat environmentalist, is that a moral? I'm not one of those crazy environmentalists though, just world concious. My parents are the more dedicated type. It can be a little embarrassing sometimes. They always seem to have an opinion on everything.
Ambitions: My short-term ambition is to become head writer on the school newspaper. You may think that sounds a bit naff but my long-term ambition is to become a big time journalist, and I have to start somewhere. I've been working on the paper for a while, nearly two years now, and this year I am planning on going for the head writer's position. I only have a little column, Maggie's Messages. It's a column about world problems and what we can do to help. I just discuss the rainforest, pollution, human rights, charities, those sorts of things. I sometimes worry people may think I'm pious. I'm not, I guess my parent's interests have rubbed off on me after all. 
Education: Obviously I went to primary school. I have been at the same mixed secondary school for the past six years as it's also a sixth-form college. It's all right, I mean, it gets outstanding from Ofsted, but what does that really say?  Most sixth-form colleges get to wear their own clothes but we still have uniforms. The grey pleated skirt, blouse, and a navy cardigan or jumper. I do feel a bit like I'm going to a fifties boarding school sometimes.
Favourite Subject: It has to be English, particularly the creative side not necessarily the essays and exams. I don't mind Social Studies either, everyone else seems to hate it though.
Most Hated Subject: I confess, I'm rubbish at Art, Science, and Maths. I don't really like Drama or Sports but at least I'm not awful at them.
Family Background: So, my Dad is part French, my Grandmother was from France, and he lived and studied there. That's where my Mum and Dad actually met. My Mum was doing some sort of protest about fashion, skinny models, sweatshop clothing or something. While protesting my Mum bumped into my Dad who was only out doing his shopping. They saw each other across the rioting crowd and knew it was love. They used to tell me the story all the time but I think they realised that I didn't find it that interesting. Who wants to hear about their parents getting together, really? 
We're not really in touch with my Grandparents any more. My Dad's Mum is frail and can't really travel from France, and I don't think my Dad's too bothered about seeing her either. She can be a bit snooty. My Mum's parents didn't appreciate her 'radical' ways. They all fell out when she was a teenager. I think I've seen them once or twice throughout my whole life. Both my parents were single children so I don't even have any aunties, uncles or cousins. And unsurprisingly I'm a single child myself. It can get pretty lonely. And don't think I'm the spoilt type, I'd be lucky to get anything from my parents; all my clothing comes from charity shops, though  I don't tell anyone.

Physical Appearance 
Height: I think I'm about 5 ft 6 inches? I haven't done my height in a while. We have a height chart in the kitchen, on the door frame, that has all my heights from when I was five years old. I'm just an average height person.
Weight: Geez, I don't know. I don't even think about weighing myself. I'm not one of those girls who's obsessed with looks and all that stuff. I just know that I'm not obese and that's good enough.
Hair Colour: Brown, relatively dark but in  the summer it goes lighter. It's shoulder length and very curly around the bottom. If I were to have it any shorter I would probably have an afro. I understand that I could do more with it, but I find it easier to just wear a headband and be done with it.
Eye Colour: Simply ordinary blue. Nothing particularly special.
Tattoos or Piercings: My parents are pretty lenient but I still don't think they would like me getting a tattoo. I don't have my ears pierced as I've never been fussed about jewellery.
Any Other Info: Do glasses count as Other Info? I'm long sighted so I only wear them while I write or read, which is a lot. They're not dorky ones or anything, probably the most stylish thing about me, my parents didn't make me get them from a charity shop, thank goodness!

Personal Information
Hobbies or Pastimes: So, you've probably gathered that I like to write. I also like to read, and I like to watch films too. My parents prefer independent or foreign films, but I don't mind any genre, just not too keen on horrors.
Favourite Films: Oh, this links to the last question, doesn't it? My favourite film has to be...um...nope, this is way too hard. I don't have a favourite film, I like them all equally.
Favourite Books: I really love The Secret Garden, I used to read it all the time as a child. If I ever feel down I read it then, too. Do magazines and newspapers count? I try to read a varying amount to broaden my horizons. The only thing I don't read are women's magazines. My Mum hates them. She says they're to blame for today's body image problems. I can see where she is coming from but if I know the problem surely I won't be sucked in by it? She also thinks they're too sexual and are forcing young girls to grow up too quickly. That shouldn't really affect me now as I am nearly 17.
Favourite Album: Music isn't really my thing. I don't mind a bit of pop but I really don't like rapping, it's so offensive.
Favourite TV Programme: Don't really watch television. I do like watching detective shows, I used to watch CSI quite a bit but my parents thought it was too 'adult' for me.
Favourite Sport and Team: Sports? Okay, I said I didn't mind doing it, that doesn't mean I actually know anything about it. I'll have to pass on this one.
Favourite Food: What else can it be other than pizza, really? My parents love veggie food so I get that quite a bit, it's not my favourite but it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
Favourite Drink: I'm too young for alcohol if that's what it means. Otherwise, I like orange juice.
Perfect Weekend: Probably getting up late; I do like lie ins. Then, a really big breakfast, maybe a fry up, not likely with my parents around. I'd probably go for a walk after that, like in the countryside, to work off the huge meal. Then maybe watch a film or two, do some writing and finish the day with a giant pizza with all the toppings. Hmm, my perfect weekend seems to be all about food...
Ideal Holiday Destination: I'm not a fuzzy holiday goer, I guess because we don't go on holiday much. Anywhere in Britain is fine with me. I'm not a beach person or a skier, I wouldn't mind seeing some historical sights though.
Accommodation: On holiday or where I live? I'll go for where I live now. We live in a semi-detached house, it's not the biggest but then again there are only three of us. From the way my Dad goes on I would guess that we have a big mortgage, but I don't really understand that sort of stuff. We have an overgrown garden, my Mum wants it to be 'free'. My room is medium sized, it's a bit bland, most of our house is beige and that means my room too. I like my house, but sometimes it's not very inspiring. We live in a relatively rural area, around ten miles from the biggest city, and it can feel a bit dead end.  

Best Point: It's a bit hard to say the best thing about your own personality. I think I'm rather caring, I listen to others and do try to help. Sometimes I get told I should do the advice column instead.
Worst Point: I can be shy and people can see that as being rude. I don't talk to people because I'm nervous or don't know what to say and people think I'm ignoring them or something. I know this is a bad trait to have, especially as I want to be a journalist. I'm working hard on being more outgoing.
Mannerisms: I fiddle with my hair a lot. I stare into space a bit, too. It's awkward when it seems like I'm staring at someone. I can't think of any mannerisms I really have, this is something someone else needs to say about me. My parents could probably pick out a tonne of my mannerism, most of them bad.
Fears: I'm scared of not becoming a journalist. It's all I've ever wanted to be. If I don't get into a journalism course or never get published, I'll be devastated. I'll probably end up working in Tesco or worse McDonalds.
Looks Forward To: The first time I see my name published in a newspaper. Hopefully it will be in the Guardian or The Times not The Daily Mail. I wouldn't mind writing for a geographic magazine either, you know something specialised. But not something boring like gardening or clouds.
Temperament: I would say I am rather calm, I rarely raise my voice or snap at people. I'm patient too and don't get easily frustrated, which is a talent considering my parents.

Job Description: I don't have a job right now, but clearly my dream job is journalist.
Salary: A lot? I'm no good with money or counting or any sort of maths. But I'm not in it for the money. But then, does everyone say that when they start off?
Hours Worked: None for a job. I do put in a lot of work for the school newspaper though. I usually hang out in the library in my free time to write. It's easier away from my family. I never miss a meeting either, hopefully this will show when it comes to electing head writer.
Job Satisfaction: I'm very satisfied with the school newspaper, everyone else thinks it's not doing too well though. Mr Harring, he's the teacher in charge, says we need to get some new ideas or the principal's thinking of cutting it, something about saving the trees. Sure.
Reputation at Work: I am a bit of a know-it-all with the school newspaper group. I don't mind that though because I know they respect me and aren't being mean when they poke fun. In class I'm just the quiet one. I do my work and only answer questions when I have to or when no one else puts their hand up. 

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