Monday, 30 April 2012

That Sinking Feeling...

It doesn't seem likely but the night time is the most inspiring time. It's when I'm lying in bed, desperately trying to sleep, that most of my ideas jump out at me. It is also a time of realisation. And last night I finally realised what a comment on a certain piece of coursework meant. For one of my sketches The Armani Assassin I wrote a somewhat ambiguous ending. I wanted to keep the audience guessing. But I now realise that sketches are supposed to be self-contained pieces. They have to make sense on their own. I was kind of writing as if it would be part of a bigger story. But that's wrong. And the piece has already been handed in and marked...

This is why I try not to think of my writing once it has been handed in as I always realise what I could have done better. I am really dreading getting my grades back at the moment, particularly my Fiction for Children piece. If I get a rubbish mark for it I am going to feel really dejected and my enthusiasm for my ECP is going to plummet. I want to write a Young Adult Novel for my ECP and if I'm crap at writing for children then what's the point?

It's only a week away and I guess the nerves are building. It doesn't help that I still have three assignments to complete and hand in by next Tuesday. I love being at home but it is not an inspiring place to write. I'm too lazy here.

But positive thinking, that will help get me through it! I might post some drafts of these three assignments so tell me what you think. Work shopping is key!

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