Monday, 24 January 2011


This poetry task was inspired by Carol Ann Duffy's poetry book The World's Wife, a themed poetry book about the women behind famous, mythical and historical men; typically feminist and typically Duffy.  My English teacher read out a couple to us - especially the more sexual ones - and then asked us to write our very own. I don't suppose anyone else did the task, but I do remember one boy's being about a female Jesus. He was a popular boy so of course everybody loved it. Though, personally, I believe mine is better! It's about the wife of Mozart,  apparently he did not let her breast feed any of their children and so sadly they would die.


Our baby lives on music and love
Truly our blessing from above
I love her dearly with all my heart
Dear Husband, please don’t tear us apart!

So please, think of this
The music you’d miss
If you were to play
Un-tuned piano all day

And that’s how I feel,
Without her milk for each meal
It’s not best for our daughter
To survive on just water!

Dear Husband, I will you
You can’t wish to lose her...

But, alas, I forgot,
You’re just a composer...

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