Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Weather

A rather British beginning to a post - talking about the weather.

I'm finding it very hard to write at the moment as it is just so sunny. Who wants to stay indoors on their laptop when the weather is this great? Yes, I know I'm on a laptop now but that's because I've already been outside all morning. I have been working on things, don't get me wrong. I take a notepad out into the garden while I sunbathe. My idea for my ECP has been brewing for a couple of days now, just like the Herman Cake I was given by The Student Housewife, and now they're both ready to be put in the oven. Okay, I have no idea where that metaphor just went, my brain's been frazzled by the sun.

I guess what I meant was that my ECP idea has solidified into quite a workable story. I now have to actually start writing it. My ECP doesn't have to be handed in until March next year but I'm already prepared to start writing it, it feels way too soon. Of course, I have to have a meeting with Judy first, and hopefully she will like it, otherwise it's back to square one again. It's less of a romance now and more of a murder mystery. I never done any writing in this genre before so it will be interesting.

I wanted to write something more substantial in this post but I'm not ready to share my ECP plot and I'm too hot to think of anything else. Though last night I did have a dream that I got Firsts for my two environmental pieces, From Earth with Love and Gaia's Final Revenge. It was surprising dream, and an impossible one too as I didn't complete the word count for the second piece.

Oh well.

Time to go sit out in the sun again and forget my worries. 

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