Friday, 9 November 2012

Second Draft - Feedback

I hinted in my last post that I wasn't too happy with how my ECP meeting about my Second Draft went. My supervisor is just doing my head in at the moment. The last time we met she said the beginning was great, she agreed with me that boys would be put off my a female protagonist and that having Perry's part first was a good idea just to grab their attention, and she said that this part:

'The whole class groaned as one and glared at Perry as he made his way back to his chair. The only person who didn't seem to mind was Gregory, who was still drawing eyes even though his pen had run out of ink.'

had good imagery and was very effective. However, this time she was confused by this part and told me to change it; and she wasn't too sure with beginning, she thought Perry was the main protagonist and then said having his part first was a bad idea. Huh?  

I left the meeting feeling lost. She didn't say whether the piece was working well, she didn't seem enthralled by the plot and it's almost like she doesn't care at all - just another student. But this is my dissertation and I really do care. She contradicts herself all the time and doesn't seem to understand anything I do. I liked her as a lecturer, even if she was a little ditzy, but she's useless as a supervisor. I have considered asking to change supervisor. Although my friend told me yesterday that someone else tried to change their supervisor and nothing happened for two weeks. That's a long time with no supervisor. And there's no guarantee that the new person will be any better. 

Creative Writing at the University of Winchester was ranked in the top 10 for satisfaction in the National Student Survey and I'm starting to wonder how. Don't get me wrong I love it here, it's just it's my third year and I feel that the lecturers are being disorganised and unhelpful. 

Maybe I'll feel a little better once I get some grades back and realise that I'm still doing a good job. 

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