Monday, 13 October 2014

The Best New Audiobook App

So after months and months of hard work the app I've helped to develop is now finally available top download for free on Google Play!

Litphonix is a new audiobook app that not only allows users to listen to audiobooks but to narrate them as well! Bonus: every time someone listens to your narrations you get paid. You could be the new Stephen Fry.

Anyway, part of my job is social media and promoting this app everywhere and anywhere. So please, please, if you have a spare minute download the app, it's free, and give it a go. There are some audiobooks ready to be listened to (some by yours truly) but it would be great if you could narrate some too!

Spread the word and tell all your friends, if we get loads of interest, my boss will think I'm a real social media wizz, which I am, of course.

So go, go, go! Download Litphonix Now!

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