Sunday, 1 May 2011


This is a poem that I had to write in my Creative Voice module. We had to be inspired by some sort of image and these were the things I was inspired by:

Firstly, Francis Bacon's 'Head Surrounded by Sides of Beef'.
Then Lady Gaga's Meat Dress popped into my head.
The 'It's a Band-saw' scene from Sherlock Holmes just finished the idea off!

Seeing these images you'll understand how I came up with this poem.


The meat that is turning,
grinding and churning.
Hooks that dangle
The meat that will mangle
They hang in the shadow
pig, sheep and fat cow
Juicy and dripping
some parts still weeping.
The cleaving and slicing,
the chopping and dicing.
Guts, heart and liver
Do give a shiver.
The smell of it ripens,
The look of it frightens.

And then, a slice from the saw 
you're living no more.

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