Wednesday, 13 June 2012

ECP Plot Synopsis Feedback

Here is what my supervisor said in regards to my ECP plot synopsis:

'Plot holds together well and I enjoyed reading it and can see it working, and I think the Poe references will be fun - could you get in more codes etc to encourage readers to cross reference with his work- the Poe aspect gives it an original touch (the storyline itself is fairly traditional with no real twists or suprises, although this may change as you begin to work through) so I think anything that gives this a more unique angle will help it. It does seem young - more 8-11 than teenage - nothing happens that is really going to place this as an older read unless your writing style itself is very dark, complex, edgy or subtle, so once I've seen your sample I can give better feedback on where it might fit in terms of the market, so the next thing is to let me see the first 500 words so I can assess that better.'

I'm glad she enjoyed the plot, I was worried it may be overly complicated or a bit boring. Hopefully everyone else will understand the Poe references, or at least this story will encourage readers to look at Poe's work. She said it seemed more 8-11 which is annoying, I don't want to write for kids, I want to write for teenagers. The thing that makes a story for teenage is, you've guessed it, sex. So I've re-written my plot making Perry more of a love interest. They don't have sex or anything but there will be some sexual tension between him and the main character, Lenore. I spent two hours last night editing it and I'll get around to posting it here when I feel totally satisfied with it. 

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