Saturday, 30 June 2012

Patrick Ness and Michael Grant

Hello everybody, I'm back from my holiday in Turkey and my laptop is finally fixed. Apparently it was just the keyboard connection, which is weird, I must have been typing too much.

While I was away I bought some books for my ECP and asked in Waterstones what was the top selling Teen Fiction. The sales woman said that vampires were out and dystopia is in because of The Hunger Games series. She said my ECP idea sounded cool and that horror would totally work. I figure I can make it more distopic too, it is the moors after all. She recommended that I read books by Patrick Ness (I really liked A Monster Calls it was quite inspiring) and Gone by Michael Grant, as well as others. I'll read them shortly and I'm actually excited to.
I emailed the revised plot synopsis to my ECP supervisor and she still thinks my plot sounds too young. I don't know how much more I can do to make it seem more adult. I guess when I write it it will start to sound older. But while I was away I thought of some more ideas for my piece, which I'll go into more in another post later. I also have a new character profile and some drawings, so look forward to that, too! 

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