Thursday, 13 September 2012

Meg Cabot on Twitter

This is somewhat old news but I found this email again and got excited. The amazing moment when a celebrity follows you on twitter. And not just any old celebrity, but the one who inspired you to start writing. I swear my heart stopped when I saw this email.

Meg Cabot was one of the authors who got me into reading (as well as J.K Rowling and Jacqueline Wilson) I just loved the Princess Diaries and couldn't get enough of them. Then, as I grew older, and read more of her books, I appreciated her style and decided I wanted to write just like her. Well, things have changed and I don't want to write just like her any more, but I do find her ability to write teenage girls amazing and I think of her whenever I write from a teenage perspective. She is definitely a master of her craft as well as a huge inspiration.

If, one day, I am as good a writer as Meg Cabot I will have fulfilled my dream. 

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