Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Masque of Red Death Re-imagined

While I haven't blogged much lately I have been silently working on my ECP. Not just writing either. As it's me I have probably done more drawings for my story than actual writing. It's a curse. I think it does help though, as now I know what my characters look like, and not just in my head, but on paper. Lenore keeps changing however, I can never seem to get her quite how I like, which is probably why I am having such difficulty doing her Character Profile.

This is a drawing of one of the scariest characters from my story. The red-faced man. Okay, he doesn't have a very scary name, but boy, is he creepy. Here's when Lenore first sees him.

'A man stood by the dining hall doors. Not just any man. His lips were torn back to reveal deadly sharp teeth. The flesh around his nose had peeled away leaving only twisted holes instead of nostrils. And even though his sockets were empty he was definitely staring straight at her. The worst was the colour of his skin. It was a bright red like freshly spilt blood.'

This is the monster that haunts Lenore's new friend, Perry. He is a creation of the evil Edgar Allan Poe, and his origins stem from The Masque of Red Death. To me he looks like a mixture of Darth Maul and Marvel's Red Skull. Either way, it would still be creepy to have this guy following you around. 

When I get my printer/scanner working properly again I will scan my other drawings. And they're a lot nicer to look at. 

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