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The Brothers Canis

This was a piece I did last semester. After going on a trip to the local Wolf Sanctuary we were told to write a piece about wolves and enter it into a competition. The winner would have their story published in the Wolf Sanctuary's magazine. Now, I was pretty excited for this as I really wanted some work published. So, although I was uninspired at the actual Wolf Sanctuary I came up with a story at home and I was pleased with it. Unfortunately, I didn't win. But never mind, I have another competition to enter this semester too. So anyway, here's my piece.

The Brothers Canis

In the time when Gods and Goddesses watched over the world and its inhabitants, there were three brother Gods, called the Canis brothers. Lupus, the eldest, was God of Strength. Rufus, the second eldest, was God of Cunning. Then there was Lupus-Lupus, the youngest, who was God of Stealth. These three brothers were incredibly close and never did anything without one and other. The other Gods and Goddesses thought them immature and trouble makers, and they weren’t wrong. The Canis brothers were definitely mischievous. 

Now, the Canis brothers were particularly interested in mankind. They looked on from above and laughed at the unassuming humans wandering around the world. To them mankind were quite insignificant and they loved to play games with them. They believed that mankind were too quiet, and if anything, a little boring. The Gods and Goddesses’ job was to keep the world of mankind peaceful. Humans never fight, never argue, and never kill. The world was still young and plentiful, so why would they fight?

However, the Canis brothers didn’t enjoy this quiet life of the humans. So, Lupus being the oldest would dare the younger two to play with the humans. The two brothers would agree, using their godly powers to begin arguments, cause confusion, and even start fights. The brothers found this good fun but their godly kin would punish them if they ever caught them. They would apologise, of course, but then laugh between themselves later on.

Only, one day, the Canis brothers took their dares too far. The two younger brothers grew weary of always being dared to trick the humans, so decided to dare their brother instead. They thought to make their dare especially challenging; so challenging that he would have to refuse and they could tease him forever.

“Oh, dear brother,” Rufus said, “brother Lupus-Lupus and I have a dare for you.”

“Yes,” Lupus-Lupus continued, “one so daring that you’ll never do it.”

Naturally Lupus was intrigued. He thought himself better than his two brothers, and was certain he could do it. Rufus pointed towards the earth.

“Seeing as the humans are so dull and dreary all the time, we thought maybe you should use some of your powers to really cause some trouble. Give the humans the power of your strength; enough strength to kill.”

The two brothers sniggered; sure that he wouldn’t accept. How could he? That much godly power on humans was wrong.

“I’ll do it!” Lupus exclaimed. He felt powerful knowing that he could control the humans in such a way. Hearing this worried the two brothers; they had been certain that he would refuse.

“But brother,” Lupus-Lupus complained, suddenly scared, “you can’t really do it. The other Gods would be furious; you can’t actually share your powers with a human, that’s too much for humans to take. You can’t give humans the power of the Gods.”

“You dared me, and you know the rules; you can’t refuse a dare.”

And so looking down upon the earth he shared some of his strength with the humans. The humans become instinctive, intuitive, and deadly. They suddenly wanted to fight, and hunt, and kill. They wanted to seek down their prey and destroy it with the deadly precision of a God. The world of mankind was no longer a peaceful place.

“Oh brother,” Lupus-Lupus whimpered, “that was too much; way too much.”

The Canis brothers shivered as the air around them buzzed with anger; they knew they were in big trouble this time.

Ursus the leader of the Gods appeared before the three brothers, his rage apparent. The Gods and Goddesses were more angered than they had ever been before.

“What have you done, Lupus?” Ursus boomed, pointing towards the earth, “You have given the humankind powers that were only meant for the Gods. Not only that, it is a gift that could very well destroy the world.” His wrath was huge and plentiful, and this time the Canis brothers really were sorry. Especially Lupus.

“I didn’t mean it, my brothers – they dared me to do it.” Lupus dragged his brothers to him; wanting them to share the blame and punishment of the Gods. But Ursus was not impressed.

“You three brothers have always been trouble and now it is time for the ultimate punishment,” the three brothers shook with fear. “For daring you brother, Rufus and Lupus-Lupus, you will be punished. And for accepting this dare, and destroying the peace in the world, Lupus, you will be punished too. You will all be turned into the troublesome beasts that you are and sent to the opposite sides of the world, to roam alone for all eternity.”

At these words the three brothers were transformed into four legged creatures, with sharp teeth, deadly claws, and the strength, cunning and stealth of the Gods. They were flung across the earth by the rageful

So, if you ever hear a wolf howling at the moon, it may not be a wolf but really a God. It is one of the Canis brothers howling loudly to let his brothers know that he is still searching for them.   

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  1. This is a really good story, it's ashame it didn't win, however better luck next time :-) Keep entering those competitions and you are sure to come up trumps. Good luck!