Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Another poetry relate post, and another Howl related post. This week's poetry task was to re-write the third section of the Howl poem into a sonnet; this may sound easy but it really isn't! Not only do hardly any of the words in the third section rhyme with each other, but none of it even makes much sense! Well, anyway, it took me a while but I was actually quite pleased with the result, let's see what you think:

Solomon! I'm here with you in Rockland
Where you are so much madder than I am
Can you split the heavens of Long Island
With the catatonic piano you bang?

In my dreams you walk dripping from the sea
With your straightjacket, lost in the abyss
Do forget your underwear, we are free
Under the bedsheets where we hug and kiss.

So drink the tea of your nurse's breasts
And accuse your doctors of insanity
Yet faculties of your skull have been test
Fifty more shocks will not return humanity

But then again in the United States
It's angelic bombs that illuminate.

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