Saturday, 5 March 2011

To Sleep

For our poetry task this week we had to write a sonnet about sleep. Now, this seems like the easiest task we've had to do so far, but I felt it was actually the hardest! Apart from being about sleep we had to use old Romantic flowery language, which my lecturer had been moaning about and saying that we shouldn't use; so this was all very odd. However, I don't think I'm too good at this fluffy language and I actually prefer contempory. Oh well. Let's see how you think I did:

Sleep Sonnet

O my dearest sleep why do you desert me
When I desire your touch all through the night
Yet you leave me feeling so lost and so lonely
Still you tempt and you tease till the sunrise does light

My bed is my dungeon till you come to free me
Your feather light fingers swiftly pick at the lock
And my eyes start to flutter at the dreams I then see
But a jump, and a breath and I awake with a shock!

Alas, my dear sleep you are not one to please
I give up, I shan’t stay, I shall leave you indeed
But you’ll lure me right back with grace and with ease
And I’ll follow you willingly, I can’t even plead!

Though I know it will happen the very next day
I can’t help but enjoy these games you do play.

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