Friday, 7 October 2011

I was Nachos.

In my Short Story module we had to do a piece of writing based on Franz Kafka's 'The Bridge'. It's an incredibly short short story about, you guessed it, a bridge. Here is how the first line goes:

I was stiff and cold, I was a bridge.

So, for our task we had to take two adjectives and a noun and makes our own version, it didn't have to be a complete short story like Kafka's and mine is not completely finished yet. Though, here was my first sentence:

I was hot and anxious, I was Nachos.

Weird, huh? The adjectives and nouns were just words that described the past 24 hours in our life. But, here's how the rest of it goes...

I was hot and anxious, I was Nachos. That’s right, I am Nachos; the big one, the hard one, the crunchy one. The Starter to end all Starters.  You don’t want to mess with me. And it’s not just me, either. I’ve got my mates, too. There’s JalapeƱo, now he’ll rough you up. He’ll get you hot and bothered, for sure. You might think he’s not too bad, he’s not that bigger hot shot as everyone makes out, but you’d be wrong. Your eyes will be watering after a meeting with him.

But don’t forget Cheese. You’ll have to go through him before you can get anywhere near me; and believe me that can be tough. I know I can trust him; he’s been my mate since I can remember and he’s stuck by me through thick and thin. I know he's strong but some of the gang sometimes think he's not mature enough for job. They're wrong. 

Guacamole and Sour Cream, they’re the brains of the operation. Without them I would be stuck in some pretty awkward situations. They may not look like much, and at first I thought they were pretty ridiculous; pale and green almost sickly, no way would they survive our gang. But they’re a pretty tasty pair, those two.
My favourite by far is Salsa. She’s my girl and nobody else’s. I know I’m my best when I’m with her. She completes me. She suits me perfectly. She’s hot, boy, is she hot! Just being near her makes me sweat all over. She’s fiery as well. You never mess with Salsa; she’s got quite the temper. Many times we have fought and I don’t think I have ever won. Salsa is the only one I’m scared of.

Though, now things have changed. I don’t feel so cocky, so tough. As a group we have taken down all types of Starters before: Bread and Pate were so old fashioned they didn’t even know how to fight. Soup, ha! that was easy; and salad fell soon after and just as quickly. Garlic Bread just couldn’t handle Cheese. Caviar, well, let’s just say he’s sleeping with the fishes now.

But, word on the street is there’s a new Starter. This new group, in front of them I’m just crumbs. They call themselves the Platter. Breadstick, Onion Ring, Chicken Strip, BBQ Chicken Wing, Potato Skin, Ciabata Bread, Celery Stick, and from what I hear and range of Dips and Sauces. I mean, I know we’re good, but there is no way we could stand up against that! There are rumours that Platter can defeat a whole family in one sitting. That after a meeting with Platter they can never eat again!

What do you think? How should I finish it?