Sunday, 9 October 2011

My Gothic Character

As part of my Textual Intervention module we are discussing the Gothic genre. This weeks task was to create our own Gothic character. My character was Edmund from the story Delrium . We then had to write a passage on them. I wrote mine from his wife's, Caroline, point of view, and obviously this story is set before Delirium, as Edmund is still alive.

Gothic Character Piece

Full moon and Caroline knew it was that time again. The curtains were shut but she knew that it was there; mocking her, torturing him. Edmund slept besides her. He usually looked so peaceful when he was sleeping, but wait, now she could see his fingers twitching and his eye lids flickering. Soon he would be awake. Caroline gently slipped out of bed so as not to disturb him up any sooner. She sat in the armchair across from their bed; she would be safe here. A minute ticked by, then another and another. Maybe it would be alright tonight; maybe he would sleep all the way through. Maybe. Caroline felt her eyes drooping as she waited for his nightmares. Lower and lower. Heavier and heavier. She slumped against the armchair, asleep. 

‘No! Don’t! It wasn’t me!’

Caroline shot up in the chair, awake. Edmund was sat up in bed, eyes wide open and yet blind. Sweat darkened his nightshirt and his hair was slick against his forehead. His eyes snapped to the corner of the room, inches from where Caroline sat. His hands shook furiously in his lap and his lips mouthed wordlessly in fear. Caroline turned to the corner, but nothing was there. It was impossible. 

‘Leave me alone!’ Edmund suddenly broke out. ‘I didn’t kill you!’

Caroline squeezed her eyes shut and begged for this stop, when she heard a new voice.

‘Yes, Edmund. You did.’

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