Friday, 28 October 2011

A Wuthering Heights Intervention

Here is my story based on the story Wuthering Heights, it's not finished quite yet but I am pleased with the progress; even my lecturer was!

Jack was feeling lucky tonight. He was going to drive Anna up to the moors for a little alone time. From up there you could see all the stars and chicks really digged that sort of thing. Plus, it would mean that Anna’s parents wouldn’t be there to interrupt them like they usually did. This time Jack might actually get some action to brag about.

As they drove up the narrow country lanes Anna would not stop talking. Girly crap, gossip; something about who’s shagging who. Whatever, it was fine with Jack as long as she shut up when the time came down to it. Jack didn’t particularly like driving up to the moors at night; the roads gave him the creeps. The trees made weird shadows in the headlights and it always seemed like there was something lurking around every corner. Not that Jack would ever admit this. Plus, you never knew what was suddenly going to jump out in front of you. Rabbits were the most stupid, and Jack knew if he hit a rabbit Anna would never put out. 

Luckily, they made it up to the moors with no surprise bunny attacks. Unluckily, someone else was already parked in his usual spot. Clearly he wasn’t the only one planning to score tonight. 

‘Are you nearly there yet, Hun?’ 

‘Yeah sure, just gotta find the best stargazing spot for my baby. You wanna see shooting stars, right?’

Jack felt pretty pleased with himself when Anna squealed with delight; this was just going to be too easy. Annoying that they had to drive further onto the moors though, his car was definitely going to get roughed up. 

He drove for about five minutes and he heard many things scrape along the bottom of his car, he was pretty sure something had even been knocked off. He couldn’t take it anymore, he had to stop now. 

‘Okay, we’re here. The best place on the moors to see stars. Just for you, Baby.’ 

‘Let’s go sit on the bonnet; we’ll see them better from there!’ Jack didn’t want anyone denting the front of his car. 

‘How ‘bout we just stay in here, just for a while.’

Anna’s blush said it all. Finally, Jack got lucky.


Anna drew in the condensation on her window, and Jack knew that those silly marks would stay on his window forever. 

‘Hey, have you heard about the ghosts that haunt around here?’ He said to distract her.


‘Yeah, two of them. They lived on the moors, not far from here, actually. It’s said that they were once in love, but they couldn’t be together. Then one day the woman died and the man went crazy roaming the moors looking for her soul. It’s said that they’re still here to this very day. Roaming the moors, looking for other couples to tear apart and leave to wander the moors for all of eternity.’

‘That’s a bit Wuthering Heights, isn’t it?’

Jack didn’t really know what that was, but he didn’t want Anna to know that.

‘Whatever, it is true.’

‘Oh, yeah right.’

‘It is. Maybe you should move closer, you know, for protection.’

Anna rolled her eyes and continued to draw in the condensation. Jack glared at her; girls are clearly only good for one thing. Jack turned to his own window.

There was a flicker of white.

‘What was that?’

‘Oh come on, that’s not gonna work on me. That ghost story was crap anyway.’ Anna scoffed.

‘No, I’m serious; I saw something move out there.’

‘It was probably just your reflection.’

Jack ignored her and instead flicked on the headlights. The lights created shadows across the rough landscape of the moors. The shadows made Jack feel worse.

‘Look, Hun, there’s no such thing as ghosts. How about looking at the stars now? I can take your mind off it?’ Anna ran her hand up Jack’s thigh. Jack pushed her away.

‘Let me just take a look outside first.’

Anna huffed and turned back to her window. It was impossible to see through the condensation. He pulled up his sleeve and wiped it down over his window. Right outside was a woman’s face.

Jack screamed and struggled to get back.

‘Oh God, oh God! It’s the woman, the ghost of the woman!’

‘Seriously, it’s not going to work, Jack.’

Jack turned to face Anna. She seemed kinda pissed off. He looked behind her. Looked out the window.

‘Anna! It’s the man! Behind you!’

Anna turned, but it was too late. The glass window smashed and ghostly white arms reached in and pulled her struggling body out.

‘Jack! Jack! JACK!’

It all happened in seconds. Jack sat frozen in his seat. The moors wind which was howling through the now open window blew away Anna’s screams. Shaking he turned to face his own window. There was nothing there. Suddenly, the front window smashed and the ghostly woman leapt at his throat. The hands were like ice. She pulled and pulled at him but he wouldn’t budge. The woman gave a hideous scream and smacked him across the face. She fled into the darkness. Her outraged screams mixed with the wind.

Jack sagged in his seat. For once in his life he has listened to the law and worn his seatbelt; and it had saved his life. But,


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