Sunday, 12 August 2012

New Plot Synopsis

Well, I emailed my new ECP plot synopsis to my supervisor days ago and she still hasn't replied. I know she's having her holiday and she's not obligated to email me back during the summer but I really want her to! I just want to know her feedback. I did say I'd post the synopsis here after I received her feedback but seeing as she's taking so long I'm just going to post it now.

I said a little bit about it in a post a while ago but here's the full version.

Lenore moves to a new town with her Dad who commutes to the city, so is rarely there.

On her first day at her new school she doesn’t know who to hang out with. So instead of going to the lunchroom she wanders the corridors. While wandering she sees a terrifying man with a disfigured red face. She tries to run away but is pulled into an empty classroom by a boy, Perry. He is shocked that Lenore can see the man; no one else can see him and say it’s all in his head, and lately every time he sees the man, he’s closer.

Perry invites her to sit with him and they become friends. On their way home they see a man being arrested for murdering his landlord and burying him in the floorboards. He’s screaming about a blind eye. Worried, they hurry home and Perry explains that these sorts of things have been happening all over the town recently.

Lenore starts seeing a strange man and she’s determined to find out who he is. She decides to follow him and he leads her back to a large house on the edge of town. She sneaks in and sees piles of papers everywhere and takes some. She overhears the man talking while writing. He talks of a man pulling out his wife’s teeth. But before Lenore can confront the man, a strange boy comes in after her and pulls her away. It’s Raven Boy, a scruffy looking boy who can only say ‘Nevermore’. He wants to express that it’s dangerous but can’t.

The next day the people are talking about Mr Egaeus, a man who pulled out his wife’s teeth. Lenore, Perry and Raven Boy realise that what the mysterious man writes comes true.

They decide to Google ‘stories coming true’ but nothing comes up. Raven Boy pushes them aside and Googles ‘nevermore’. It comes up with the Raven and Edgar Allan Poe, a famous writer. Lenore recognises the picture instantly as the mysterious man.

Lenore remembers the papers she took. One’s a story about a boy who was followed by many ravens. The story ends with the boy being cursed so he can only say ‘Nevermore’. It is a story about Raven Boy. Perry decides that if this man can write people’s fates so can he. He rewrites the end of Raven Boy’s story so he can talk again. It doesn’t work though. Perry suggests Lenore try, but she hates writing ever since she wrote a story when she was a child that resulted in her mother’s death. Yet she realises that this could save people’s lives so gives it a go. Soon Raven Boy is talking again. He explains that he found out what the man was doing and went to the house but the man caught him and cursed him. Since then no one has taken him seriously.

Happily, they try to change Perry’s story so that the red faced man won’t get him. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and the next day the red man is there again, this time only metres away. They wonder why it didn’t work and Raven Boy suggests that they can’t just write an ending, they need the rest of the story, too. They have to go back to the mysterious man’s house.

They sneak back at night and grab all the papers and books they can but they can’t find Perry’s story. While there the mysterious man finds them he chases them off by writing of the red masked man. The red masked man finally catches Perry and drags him away. Raven Boy is also taken away by a flock of ravens.

Lenore is alone.

Perry and Raven Boy are stuck between a pit full of rats and a scythe-like pendulum as torture. The red masked man and ravens guard them, while many black cats patrol the area. Lenore sneaks back to the house and down to the basement wary of the guards. She whips out the papers they took earlier and writes that the cats kill all the ravens and she stops the mechanism before the pendulum slices them. During the pandemonium Perry overcomes his fear and pushes the red masked man into the pit to be eaten by rats. Lenore leaves them to take down the mysterious man.

In the study he waits for her. He says that Lenore doesn’t understand how much power she possesses but before she can ask anymore Perry and Raven Boy rush in with the pendulum and push the man into the large fireplace. Lenore is devastated that she didn’t find out what he meant.

When they visit the house the next day it’s completely empty and a ‘for sale’ sign is outside.

This will be part of a series with other gothic writers appearing in the town, like Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, and Robert Louis Stevenson. 

Please if you have any feedback I would really appreciate some comments. I want to know what everyone thinks of it. 

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