Sunday, 26 February 2012

Creative Voice - Little Snippets

In Creative Voice we have to do lots of bits of writing, usually only a couple of lines long. So here are three little snippets of the work I have done.

For this piece we had to choose a famous person and write a small paragraph in their voice. Can you guess who it is?

Oh, I do love birthday parties, and I've been to my fair share of parties. I just love the idea of dressing up beautifully. I mean, I just don't know what dress I am going to wear tonight, maybe the white one that makes my breasts look bigger or the blue one that makes my waist look smaller, or maybe even that sequinned one that makes me look naked. I guess it all depends on what men are going to be there; the better the class of men the more alluring yet sophisticated the dress should be. And with this class of men you can't afford to look too cheap. It is the President's birthday party after all.

Marilyn Monroe with Bobby and John Kennedy

An Author's Message
For this task we had to write a piece with a very obvious meaning as we were discussing the quote: 'The author's audience should actively seek the author's meaning.' Can you guess the message of my piece? I hope so it's pretty obvious!

Mr Wolf loved his new coat. It had a large collar, five big shiny buttons, and huge bottomless pockets.  He had bought it from Milan and it was the height of fashion. Unfortunately, on the first day he wore it proudly out in public, a group of common dogs accosted him. They threw buckets of red paint at him and cried, 'Wearing humans is murder!' As the dogs ran away from him, Mr Wolf looked sadly at his beautiful tan leather coat. It was completely ruined.

Writing Similar Things
We had talked about whether it was possible for people to write exactly the same thing without realising. My lecturer said it wasn't possible as we all have completely different ideas. So what we had to do was all write a piece with a character called Joe who was 16 and another character called Cecil aged 45, who lived in Berkshire and were in a stable at night time. It had to start with the sentence 'it was a wrong number that started this.' My lecturer was right and we all wrote something completely different, some were about aliens, some were even about sordid relationships! Here's my piece:

It was a wrong number that started this. Joe now knew to always check who he was sending his texts to before he sent them. He meant to send it to Danny not Dad. And now he was paying the price. But his Dad choosing to yell at him in the stable was a bit over the top, and just so Mum wouldn't hear. This was typical Dad. Joe had sent the text earlier in the evening, it had taken him ages to get the guts to send the text and it had been to the wrong person. The most wrong person he could have possibly sent it to. Joe waited patiently as his Dad stormed up and down the stable, pausing briefly now and then to mutter at Joe angrily under his breath. Joe just wanted it to be over with.
'Look Dad, I'm sorry.'
'Sorry? Sorry!' his Dad stormed.
'Well, at least you know now,' Joe said helplessly.
'Yes, finding out your son is gay via text message that says he loves you is fantastic!'
Trying to lighten the situation Joe said, 'Better hope Mum doesn't see it, she might think you've having a very interesting affair.' Joe's Dad threw a fistful of straw of straw at him. It got him right in the face.

Ironically, this Friday I wrote a piece that had a man at a bar playing with a bar mat, drinking a double whisky, when a lady in a red dress spoke to him, and so did another person! So much never writing the same as another person. Though I suppose, that scenario is very cliché! 

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