Thursday, 16 February 2012

Poetry of Earth - The Rookery

I have a confession, I only chose my Writing and the Environment module because it didn't have any assessed presentations. It was between this and Writing and the World and well, Writing and World had a presentation as part of its assignments and I found out recently it's a 10 minute long, individual presentation and that would have killed me! Anyway, I didn't expect to enjoy Writing and the Environment because I don't really care for all this global warming business and I'm not exactly a nature freak or outdoorsie person - give me a hotel over camping any day! But I'm actually feeling rather inspired, by the books not the lecturer, he's a bit tedious. 
So, today I have been writing a couple of poems not only inspired by the environment but also Roger Deakin's Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees. I'm not really very good at poems, what I did to create these poems was 'cut ups'. This means getting a text, cutting it all up and rearranging it into something new. David Bowie used to do this all the time, which explains some of his crazy lyrics. I have done this before this time last year for my Creativity module, it is called Oversized. Don't worry, I didn't cut up my whole book, I just underlined, in pencil, my favourite words and phrases, and I have come up with 4 poems, some better than others. Here is one of my favourite ones: 

The Rookery

Thousands of ancient trees,
their dark constellation of nests
Echoing the greater
rude harmony
of sweet thunder,
a crescendo of cawing
Lyrical blackcaps and lesser whitethroats,
the sweetness of robins
are dead, hollow, or rotten
Metallic splendour
Bright blind
Their ribs the leading of stained-glass windows
Tracery of veins in their wings
Hoisted home
as misty sun, rising fast
set the lichened ash trunks on fire
back to their Black Castle.

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