Wednesday, 1 February 2012

St Catherine's Hill

For my module Writing and the Environment we went on a field trip to St Catherine's Hill in Winchester to be inspired by nature.To be honest, it was just really cold and really muddy, not the two most inspiring things. But I did come up with this poem based on the wildlife of the hill and it's a little bit surreal.

What I Saw on St Catherine's Hill 

Butterflies of marbled white
rock roses down the chalk hill.
Blue skylarks and the rough hawk's bit 
is to drop worts on the 
autumn lady's tresses
while Argus Brown watches
eyes bright
doing the Devil's bit.
Scabious pyramidal cowslip 
disgusts the Shetland sheep 

greater than knapweed or thyme.

Avoiding chaos in the kidney vetch
a small skipper of a frog hugs an orchid 
the shape of a horse's shoe.

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